Victory Village Christian Academy is 100% dependent on charitable giving.

Throughout the years, over 1,200 struggling girls have been shown God's love and compassion. It is through the commitment of our sponsors, volunteers, and staff that many of these girls have a chance at a new beginning and are able to gain spiritual encouragement, social experiences, intellectual growth, and physical needs meet. 


 Daily care and education involves considerable expense. It costs $2,000 a month to care for a resident at the Village. Sponsors are at times the main contributors and enable Victory Village Christian Academy to continue to keep its doors open to hurting youth.


To schedule a visit, make a referal, or get more information, please contact us and we would be happy to speak and meet with you! 



Career Oportunities


Mentors and Dorm Staff

Mentors change lives and are a critical part to our students success. They support, encourage, listen to and act as role models for our students. Dorm staff and volunteer mentors meet with students in organic ways; discussing challenges and topics students are struggling through. 

Activities Cordinator or Volunteer

After school and on weekends the girls enjoy getting to experience and learn new things. 

Volunteers are a huge asset in this area. From doing holiday crafts and baking to teaching crocheting or music, from attending community plays to playing board games, we love having the community share their passions with the girls! 

Car Maintenance & Work Projects

As a ministry, we always appreciate those who dedicate their time to help with building projects or mechanical needs. If you have special skills, we have ongoing projects! As a ministry, our volunteers enable us to operate successfully by keeping equipment and buildings in working condition while enabling us to keep operating expenses lower. 

Teacher's Aide and Tutors

Becoming a teachers aid on a regular basis or volenteer tutor on a weekly or even monthly bases can be a valuable way to help boast a students accademics. Subject areas include math, science, history, and writing. We also encourage individuals who are skilled in extracurricular areas such as art or music to apply as well.

Sports Program Assistance

There are many opportunities to help through our sports program, from scrimmaging with the players, coach support and refereeing games. It takes a whole TEAM to support our sports program!


Current program includes Volleyball and Basketball. 

Kitchen Staff

Our kitchen staff work hard to make excellent, nutritious food. If you enjoy cooking and would like to serve in a hands-on, behind the scenes way, the kitchen assistant position may be a perfect fit!

Career Coaching

For too many students, high school is a time of disengagement that fails to put them on a path to college and career success. That is why at Victory Village Christian Academy we would like to develop a program that would help our students discover their strengths and opportunities for college and a career. 


Summer Internship

Being a paid summer intern can be a great way to get involved and learn if Victory Village is the right fit. This is a great opportunity especially for college students with a strong faith that would like to work with teenage girls. The internship often builds amazing bonds for our students that can go on to last beyond the summer.  This can be a very rewarding experience and a great way to use a summer serving God and others. We have housing options, we can provide meals, and can be a sorce of reference or referral at the end of the summer. This program runs May to July so if you think you might fit this profile please fill out a Job Application.










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Current Openings


-Evening and/or Weekend Dorm Staff

-Summer Internship 



Corporate and Church Involvement

“There were two reasons I took a positive path as a teen. First, I had a church and mentors who encouraged me and took a genuine personal interest in me. And second, I had an employer who taught me what it meant to work hard and accomplish my goals. These were the two pillars to my success.” - Anonymous


Businesses and churches have so much to offer young people, especially those who are struggling. From offering job shadow opportunities and internships to employee volunteer programs, corporations have the ability to make a positive difference in their community.


Likewise, churches are invited to join us in loving these young people. From summer teams to care packages, from mentoring programs to becoming a monthly ministry partner. The church is essential to reaching our students with hope and the love of Jesus.  


Needs List