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The Academy

Ministering to spiritual, intellectual, social and physical needs.




A vital and integral part of our program is regular attendance at the Village Chapel. Each of the students take part in the services and activities and are encouraged to keep an open mind about what is taught. No one will be forced to believe any certain doctrine, join the church, or make any spiritual decision.  Though many have come to know Jesus Christ, it is their own voluntary commitment.

The students also participate in weekly character & leadership devotionals.  

Life Skills

Core to the VVCA approach to helping our students become happy adults, is a hands-on program designed to teach responsibility and life skills.  Teens who are responsible for everyday tasks, from laundry to gardening, leave the program more confident and self-sufficient when they go back home, head off to college, or graduate and live on their own. 



The educational staff meet with each student to develop individual plans for success. Often students are behind and struggling in several subjects but are able to graduate on time through our state regulated online APEX curriculum. Staff and volunteers meet one-on-one with students for tutoring. Other classes such as art, music, horticulture, and sports programs are also offered. 




Mentors change lives and are a critical part to our students' success. They support, encourage, listen to and act as role models for our students. Dorm staff and volunteer mentors meet with students in natural everyday living situations, discussing challenges and topics with which students are struggling.



Many American teenagers are in serious trouble. Statistics show increases in delinquency cases, suicide, teen pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse. There are many young people who have become disheartened and are losing their way in life. Dreams are dashed, parents are frustrated, while many times even contributing to and causing the confusion in their children's lives. There are hundreds of teens from good homes that get involved in harmful behavior through peer pressure and exposure to negative forces they are not yet prepared to handle.


At Victory Village, we believe we must not point fingers at youth and blame them for the mess many of them are in. Instead, with genuine Christ-like compassion, Christians and Churches should reach out a loving and helping hand and minister to those who are hurting. Youth do not need to be condemned or criticized. They need to be loved and helped to find genuine fulfillment in their lives.


This is the work of Victory Village Christian Academy, a subsidiary of Heart Ministries Inc.




More than 1,200 young lives have been touched by Victory Village Christian Academy. Girls have come from 40 different states and 7 countries. 


Though each must choose their own path, our goal is to empower girls with life skills and a sense of personal responsibility, which will lead to individual confidence and success.  We want each girl to experience the genuine love of Jesus, and hear of the freedom and hope that comes through following Him. Our hope would be that each girl leaves Victory Village Christian Academy knowing that God is always with them and never more than a prayer away. As the girls begin their journey after VVCA, our goal would be that they have been equipped to face challenges in a healthy and constructive manner, having means of expressing themselves while being able to communicate with those around them in a positive way.




"I deeply appreciate the time and effort you put into my daughter's education and well-being. Without your help and encouragement, receiving her high school diploma would not have been possible."

"We are forever thankful for the love you showed our granddaughter. You have helped many teens to get through tough years."

- Judge Johnnie Bird, Farmington, NM

- Pamela Scott, Parker, AZ

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